Birdsong Studio

Our pop-up Birdsong Studio is a low-infrastructure portable event which gives individuals a ten-minute opportunity to get to know Planet Birdsong's basic principles. Participants sing various sounds whilst following spectrographs, or graphic images of sounds, and hearing them slowed down. It is a kind of karaoke which makes birdsong more accessible to the human ear and timeframe. This is filmed and then sped up to the speed of the bird, and a video clip will be sent to each participant. ‚Äč Watch this movie to see how it works.

The Birdsong Studio can currently be booked anywhere in the UK, subject to availability, for reasonable expenses and a suitable donation to Planet Birdsong. It is an integral part of many of our schools workshops, and is often combined with birdsong walks and/or a performance by The Conference of Birds. Future plans include converting the birdsong studio into a mobile game.

Peter Murray Threipland
Peter Murray Threipland is a Scottish Highlands based filmmaker with a growing passion for birdsong. He works on Birdsong Studios in schools and environmental projects across the UK with Planet Birdsong founder Peter Cowdrey, working on the essential elements of sound design, recording and editing that bring the studios to life. He is a keen traveller and avid sailor, and eagerly looks forward to what the future holds for Planet Birdsong.