Bird Fair
We can provide entertaining and educational presentations on a variety of birdsong related topics including:
  • Hilary MacBean’s visit to Rwanda in June/July 2022.
  • Recreating birdsongs in correlation with historic local maps.Click here to see an example.
  • How to make good low-cost bioacoustic recordings of birdsong and upload them to local and global databases
  • The story of how Planet Birdsong has reached thousands of people and hopes to reach millions
These can be delivered in person or online. The cost includes a donation to the Planet Birdsong Foundation, which can be gift aided.

To learn more about our Rwanda project, the following presentation outlines the results of our first year's work. Hilary visited 6 locations throughout Rwanda and invited birders, wildlife guides, students and academics to join field and computer lab training to reinforce and augment the online work. Fifty people came forward and trained in sound recording using a phone and Parachirp parabola. Six teams were set up involving local collaborations with community NGOs and schools with ongoing online support. A small number of committed recordists are active. A survey in October 2022 revealed that time and resources for fieldwork plus a need for more training were constraining participation. We hope to raise funds to support local trainers. We are revising the training slides to introduce an entry level recording system using only a phone, sufficient for eBird. For those who develop further interest and competences, the methodology can then be extended to incorporate full scientific-grade metadata collection for suitable for the Rwanda Biodiversity Information System.