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In a time of ever-increasing threats to the global environment, birds are an essential barometer of Mother Nature’s health. Planet Birdsong is a UK registered charity which aims to enhance consciousness of nature by raising awareness of the beauty and diversity of bird songs and calls. Working across social and geographic boundaries, we aim to awaken the greatest possible number of people worldwide to the rich sound world of birds.

Planet Birdsong envisages a contribution to protecting world biodiversity, habitats and the human condition. The status of bird life is a known marker for the quality of the environmental capital available to people. The project uses sound to increase knowledge and appreciation of bird life for purposes of biodiversity conservation. ​
Planet Birdsong believes that increasing awareness of the common ground between birdsong and human music, and encouraging creative responses to this connection can enhance our understanding of and relationship with the environment.
Planet Birdsong is a partnership with participants around the world, who take the lead and carry forward the knowledge and experience gained into their own activities at a scientific, technical or community level where they engage with biodiversity monitoring and conservation.