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Planet Birdsong is a UK based charitable initiative devoted to engaging the greatest possible number of citizens with bird songs and calls, which we regard as an international language that transcends geographical and species boundaries. Our initiative is multi-disciplinary, involving scientists, conservationists, musicians, educators and computer scientists. Birdsong gives nearly everyone pleasure and connects us subconsciously to nature. We aim to capitalise on this by opening ears and minds to these sounds that colour our lives, and inform a sustainable future through the art, science and technology that mediate our engagement.

Planet Birdsong delivers workshops, birdsong studios, birdsong walks and other bespoke events in partnership with schools, environmental and arts organizations and private commissioners throughout the United Kingdom. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in hosting an event. For examples of recent activities follow links on our calendar, birdsong studio, and education pages or visit the website of musical ensemble The Conference of Birds.

Planet Birdsong envisages a contribution to protecting world biodiversity, habitats and the human condition. The status of bird life is a known marker for the quality of the environmental capital available to people. The project uses sound to increase knowledge and appreciation of bird life for purposes of biodiversity conservation. ‚Äč
Planet Birdsong believes that increasing awareness of the common ground between birdsong and human music, and encouraging creative responses to this connection can enhance our understanding of and relationship with the environment.
Planet Birdsong is a partnership with participants around the world, who take the lead and carry forward the knowledge and experience gained into their own activities at a scientific, technical or community level where they engage with biodiversity monitoring and conservation.