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Human activities are causing the very fabric of life to disintegrate, creating critical conditions for the maintenance of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services which support the quality of human life. We are at a critical point in time, where significant change is needed in how we interact with nature if we are to protect what remains of our Earth’s biological diversity. This includes promoting education, knowledge generation, and the maintenance of different knowledge systems, including in the sciences and indigenous and local knowledge, especially regarding nature, conservation, and nature’s sustainable use. Helping people reconnect with nature is an important step in recovering from this critical situation. Planet Birdsong works to build engagement with and increase knowledge of bird songs and calls around the world.

Drawing on traditional ecological knowledge and emerging technologies, Planet Birdsong equips communities to harness natural sound in support of sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity.

A multi-disciplinary initiative – involving scientists, conservationists, musicians, educators and technology professionals – Planet Birdsong has developed tools and resources to support acoustic engagement with nature. Emphasis is given to accessible and locally adapted hardware to allow any interested citizen to contribute. In the next phase of its initiative, Planet Birdsong will work alongside partners in a range of countries to build capacities in support of biodiversity protection and human capital development.